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然後在 Etherscan 這個交易的評論,有說人做了一個應用「受到这个启发,花了两个晚上和朋友写了一个区块链推文应用ethnotebook点com 希望这个世界再没有404」

進去一看,這如意算盤可好了,你必須送 0.005 ETH (大約 100 NTD) 給他的錢包,然後訊息會留在送錢給他的交易裡。XDXDXD

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  1. I'm not Yue Xin or her friend. I just want to save a copy of her letter on blockchain. To show one of the possible usage of blockchain.
  2. I'm not the participant of the event in PKU. I don't need donation. Please don't send eth or other tokens. If you want to support them, please try to contact them directly.
  3. Be careful with spam. Link1

不過他也是有把錢領走就是了 (更正:其實是還錢 XD)

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會不會 之後就封鎖區塊鏈同步了