Spring Boot 2.2.1 available now (spring.io)
haocheng 積分 1

2.2.0 自動掃 @ConfigurationProperties 的功能預設改成關掉了, Github issue1 有更多討論

For those of you upgrading from Spring Boot 2.2.0 to Spring Boot 2.2.1, if you relied on the @ConfigurationProperties scanning support, please note that this feature is now disabled by default. Scanning of @ConfigurationProperties needs to be explicitly opted into by adding the @ConfigurationPropertiesScan annotation. More details related to this change can be found here.

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breaking change 不該在 x.x.1 這種版本改吧

haocheng 積分 2

看起來是 2.2.0 才加上的,因為影響太大, 2.2.1 改成預設是關閉